13-Year-Old Boy Hit By Vehicle in Brockton, Massachusetts, Hit and Run

The boy was transported to the hospital; the vehicle police say hit him has been located

A driver fled after seriously injuring a 13-year-old boy in a crash in Brockton, Massachusetts, according to police.

Crews responded to the scene after the boy was hit at the intersection of Cross Street and Winslow Avenue on Wednesday afternoon.

The boy was transported to Boston Children's Hospital in serious condition.

Surveillance footage from a nearby home showed the white Kia flying down Cross Street seconds before the driver ran over the child and gassed it from the scene.

"He was flying," said Nicole Danielczyk. "Where the said they hit him to where his shoe ended up is disgusting, like 20 feet at least."

In addition to coming out of his shoe, the impact was so bad that the boy went airborne into a second car, according to witnesses.

The victim was outside playing during school vacation week and was crossing the street to go home to talk to his grandmother.

"He looked both ways, both at the same time," said Reyna Torres. "Right when he took that first step, the car came out of nowhere."

For most of the afternoon, police were looking for the white Kia, until it was found ditched by a rock pile in a back and desolate parking lot nearby Chatham West apartment complex.

One tenant says he knew about the hit-and-run and called police when he saw the car.

"It seemed out of place," the tenant said. "Things didn't seem right, so I told my fiancée to call Brockton PD."

The car was later towed to a nearby car lot before being taken late Wednesday to the Brockton Police Department.

Police are still looking for the driver.

People who know the victim well say he's in seventh grade, and they don't understand who would do this.

"He got hit and I was mad, because I thought he passed," said the boy's friend, Kyle Conward.

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