Police Investigate Shattered Windshields in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Police in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, are searching for suspects after several windshields were shattered while people were driving near Route 118 Wednesday.

Police do not know if the cars were damaged by rocks or shot at by a BB gun, but it happened to at least four drivers in the span of a half hour.

One of the victims did not want to be identified, but spoke to necn about the frightening experience.

"I was driving down the road, there was no one around and the windshield shattered," she said. "It startled me because at first you're kind of shocked at what that was."

When she told police, she was surprised to hear she was not alone. Three other drivers reported a similar experience and had a similar damage.

"I think it's probably someone who just thinks it's a fun prank, but someone can seriously get hurt," she said.

Rehoboth Police say all of the incidents happened in close proximity to Route 118, including one on Pleasant Street and another near the intersection of Brook and Moulton Streets.

Police are now trying to figure out what the cars were hit with in order to help them track down who might be responsible.

"We need to answer if it was someone who fired some type of pellet or BB or if it was something launched with some type of sling shot," Lt. Michael Brady of the Rehoboth Police Department said.

At least two drivers who were hit reported seeing a dark colored sports car in the area at the time. Police said they are also asking for the public's help.

If caught, the person could face charges for malicious vandalism and assault.

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