Police Officer Runs in Honor of Her Late Daughter

A North Attleboro police officer will run in honor of her daughter who couldn't.

Kristine Crosman's daughter Kailyn had cerebral palsy which bound her to a wheel chair.

"We always thought her life would be very very limited because of it," said Crosman.

Despite her limitations, Kailyn joined her first Special Olympics event when she was about 6 years old.

"They had her shoes off and hitting the bottom of her feet and shaking and we didn't know why they were doing that but they were simulating her running and the smiles on her face were literally ear to ear," Crosman said.

Kailyn remained an athlete until her death at just 9 years old.

"She was sick but you never think you're going to lose your child," said Crosman.

Crosman remained involved with Special Olympics and last year she was chosen as a torch runner for the world games in California.

Next year, she will travel to Austria as one of just ten runners selected to carry the torch for the final leg.

Crosman has participated in dozens of special Olympics events.

She will run for 10 days through 45 cities.

It ends with a polar plunge into the icy cold waters in Austria.

She hopes to use the same inspiration she found last year to get through this next challenge.

"I could see these pink shoes that she used to wear all the time and from that moment on I realized I just have to do this," said Crosman.

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