Police: Thieves Barge Into Massachusetts Apple Store, Steal 22 iPhones

Hingham police say 12 suspects entered store wearing hoodies and fled in getaway car or by foot

Police in Hingham, Massachusetts, are searching for the thieves who made off with nearly two dozen iPhones at an Apple Store Monday evening.

Authorities said 12 suspects barged into the store at the Derby Street Shoppes at about 5:30 p.m. and made off with 22 phones.

Customer Andrea Tavares was inside the store when the thieves busted in.

"I was playing with my phone and all of a sudden the alarm went off — it was so loud it was ear piercing," Tavares said. "They quickly ran over to the two front tables. Each one of them grabbed a phone — maybe two at a time. They were out of there in like 3 seconds. They had ripped off the whole front table."

Police said some suspects jumped into a getaway car while others were last seen running across the parking lot toward the Kohls department store. The suspects are all believed to be teenagers.

"They all had hoods on and they had the hoods up," said Hingham Police Sgt. Steven Dearth. "They all had sweatshirts on, some were maroon, some of the others were grey and black, they all fled out the door."

The store was packed with employees and customers at the time, but nobody was hurt.

Surveillance video did capture the crime taking place but police are waiting for Apple to release it.

Lori Tobin, who was inside the store about an hour after the crime, said there were no signs that anything had happened.

"Everybody was very nice and polite, not a problem at all," she said.

Police said they believe the vehicle the thieves used to get away in was a white Ford Taurus with the license plate covered up.

"Some of them fell on their way out," Tavares said. "It looked like a scene out of a 'Dumb and Dumber' movie. They were all running around trying to get into the car. It was crazy stuff."

The value of the stolen phones is estimated at about $14,000.

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