Swastika Spray-Painted on Massachusetts Home is Site of Murder-Suicide

The house in on Stephen French Rd. in Swansea

A Massachusetts home that has been tagged with a swastika has a disturbing past. 

The swastika was found on the garage door of a home on Stephen French Rd. in Swansea.

In June 2013, police say, the man who lived in the home, Christian Wilson, shot and killed Mitchell Stevenson, 37, of Tiverton, Rhode Island, outside Wilson's home. Police say Wilson, 43, then went inside his home and took his own life. 

To this day, the foreclosed house is still empty.

Neighbors tell necn affiliate WJAR a for sale sign was put up in front of the home within the past week. Police say the real estate company plans to remove the swastika.

Authorities say they are not considering it to be a hate crime, but rather a crime of opportunity since no one lives in the home.

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