Teen Dead After Playing Dangerous Game

Around 2:30 on Saturday morning, 16-year-old Zamir Sanders was killed after being hit and dragged by a car in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Police say Zamir and three other teens were "horsing around" near the street when he ended up laying down on the side of the road on purpose.

"I heard they were playing a game called 'dead' and someone lays down in the road and plays dead, and I really hope they don't play that game anymore," said neighbor Jessica Francis.

"They were having what was called a fake fight basically to scare the people that were going by in traffic," said Springfield Sgt. John Delaney.

Police say the 41-year-old woman from Chicopee who hit Zamir was not familiar with the area and attempted to drive around the stopped car in front of her.

According to police, the driver hit the teen and drove about 300 feet with him under her car until Zamir's friends finally banged on the car to stop her.

Delaney said she has been cooperating with police over the last couple of days and is "emotionally and physically upset."

Police said she even say she tried to help Zamir.

"She went out to the trunk of her car got out the car jack and jacked up her car, EMTs arrived, she helped extricate that young man," said Delaney.

Police are calling this a tragic accident that sadly took the life of a young teen, and said that Zamir's three friends ran off right after the accident. For 14 hours police had no idea who he was.

Police say they are conducting a thoughtful and thorough investigation.

The driver of the car has not been cited.

A roadside memorial remains on St. James Ave. in Springfield.

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