Verizon Workers Prepare to Strike in Boston

The strike is expected to take place Wednesday morning

Verizon workers are preparing to strike Wednesday morning in Boston in response to executives planning to cut jobs.

The Massachusetts Jobs with Justice organization said nearly 40,000 employees plan to strike Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.

The Communications Workers of American released a statement on behalf of the workers.

The statement said, "Given Verizon’s enormous profitability there is no justification for the company’s continuing demands to destroy good middle-class jobs and offshore work. Workers have negotiated in good faith for ten months and addressed the company’s primary concern, which they told us was limiting health care costs. Workers and the customers who depend on us would be much better served if Verizon returned to the bargaining table and negotiated a fair agreement that fairly addressed the concerns of their workforce."

It also said the Verizon executives were "trying to rig the system against working families."

The strike will take place at the Verizon Building located at 6 Bowdoin Square in Boston.

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