Vigil Held for Slain Auburn, Mass. Police Officer

According to state police, Jorge Zambrano shot and killed Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. early Sunday morning

Days after a Massachusetts police officer was shot to death, about 1,000 community members gathered to honor him at a vigil.

It was an emotional evening to remember Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. of the Auburn Police Department.

There were candles, prayers, a moment of silence and signs of support at Lemansky Field, directly across from the police station.

"The people, they're showing up from not just Auburn, but from all over the local communities and I hope it brings some level of comfort to the family," said Maureen Morse.

Another resident, Christen Moreau, said she was pleased to see everyone rally together and support, not only the family, but also the police department.

Tarentino was killed in town during a traffic stop over the weekend - authorities say he was shot in the back.

Auburn Police say Jorge Zambrano, the man who shot Tarentino, got off five shots. The Boston Globe reports he was using a stolen gun.

"A police officer is a police officer," said one vigil attendee. "They are family."

And for this night, for those who came out, it was about remembrance and supporting one another.

"Our message is we want to let police know and let Auburn know that we're here for them, we want to be a blessing to them," said Dan Fontaine.

The Auburn Police Department has set up a memorial fund for Tarentino's wife and three children.

Donations can be sent to the Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. Memorial Fund at Savers Bank in Auburn.

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