Volunteers Deliver Hundreds of Meals for Thanksgiving

Community Servings in Jamaica Plain had 180 volunteers passing out meals to individuals who suffer from all sorts of medical conditions

Thousands of people throughout New England had Thanksgiving dinner delivered to their doorstep on Wednesday. 

Community Servings in Jamaica Plain had 180 volunteers passing out meals to individuals who suffer from all sorts of medical conditions. 

Ty and Vicky Shen have been volunteering for the organization for 15 years now. 

"I get satisfaction,” said Ty Shen. “I think people who can contribute have an obligation to contribute to those people less fortunate." 

His daughter Vicky said it’s something she looks forward to time and time again. 

“It’s sort of become a tradition so it's one of my favorite times of year,’ she said. “My dad and I get to spend the day together delivering meals." 

The organization is the only one of its kind in New England. 

“Every day we go out across 300 square miles delivering meals to 1,100 people struggling with HIV, cancer, kidney disease, MS, Lupus et cetera," said David B. Waters, CEO of Community Servings. 

Throughout the year Community Servings makes more than 500,000 meals for 1,850 people. 

“What we're bringing them are beautifully prepared meals medically catered to their particular needs," said Waters. 

The first stop on the map for the Shen’s was Community Servings client, Liyanage Delwakkada. 

Delwakkada moved to the Boston area in 1998 from Sri Lanka. 

A few years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and endured four years of dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant last October. 

"I'm without a job, means no food no nothing," said Delwakkada, who use to work in Sri Lanka as a lawyer. 

Community Servings has been a big part of his recovery, since losing his job at a convenience store in Boston. 

“They brought me meals, meals, meals and more meals,” said Delwakkada. “They took care of me completely for eight years." 

Delwakkada hasn't been able to drive his car for eight years and said once he starts again he knows exactly where he’s going. 

"First trip I will go to Jamaica Plain,” said Delwakkada. 

He wants to hug all the staff who’ve helped him through the difficult times in his life. 

Community Servings can always use help from the community. Waters said volunteering your time is great but if you can’t you can buy a pie this holiday season. 

Proceeds from “Pie in the Sky” sales will directly benefit the organization. 

Wednesday, November 23rd is the last day to purchase a pie at a “cash and carry” location found here. 

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