Warren Chimes in on Possible Biden Presidential Campaign

For someone who is not running for president, Elizabeth Warren seems to be having a lot of influence over the Democratic Primary. But she's not willing to talk about specifics, including who she favors or if she wants Joe Biden to get in.

"This is a decision that Joe Biden has to make for himself and his family. It's a very personal decision and I just hope he does what's right for him," Warren explained.

Warren hasn't been talking publicly about the race, but it sounds like she's been talking privately.

Asked if Joe Biden had reached out at all to Warren, Warren said, "Nothing that we should talk about..."

Warren did have a private lunch with Biden in late August causing much speculation about a possible Biden/Warren ticket. She has been mum about what they discussed other than to say it was a long conversation - and even now as reports are flying that Biden is on the verge of getting in, Warren remains cagey.

Asked if there is room for Biden in the race, if he wants to get in, Warren said, "If Joe Biden decides to get in the race then he will make room.

Asked if he had waited to long, Warren said, "He will make his own schedule."

Stonehill College Professor Peter Ubertaccio says it feels like it's too late for Biden to be getting in.

"It just doesn't seem like there is a hew and cry in the Democratic Party for somebody else to enter into the race. He missed such a golden opportunity to be in that debate and it was made worse by the reality that the front runner did really well," Ubertaccio said.

Ubertaccio says the majority of the party's most active consultants campaign workers and perhaps most importantly, donors, in key states like New Hampshire have already gotten behind a candidate.

Asked if she thinks Bernie Sanders could win in New Hampshire, Warren seems to think so.

"Bernie speaks from the heart. And he's out there banging on the issues that he really care about. And there's a big audience for that in New Hampshire and around the country," Warren said.

The latest poll shows that Sanders could win in New Hampshire. He holds an 8 point lead over Hillary Clinton, 38 to 30. Joe Biden has 19 percent. 

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