Driver Frustrated by Low-Clearance Bridge

Yet again, a driver is voicing his frustrations after getting stuck under a railroad bridge in Winchester, Massachusetts.

A box truck was wedged under the bridge on Cross Street Thursday morning, a sight that's all too familiar to people in Winchester, where the town manager is boasting that the number of times it happens per year is down to three.

The top of Fred Selemi's box truck was sheared off, causing the vehicle to become stuck. He was not injured.

"I didn't know it was so damn short," he said.

Signs on both sides of the bridge read "Caution: Low Clearance." But Selemi says the problem is that no sign on either side shows the actual height for clearance, which is 10'4.

"Usually, beforehand, you see a sign there," he said.

According to Winchester Town Manager Richard Howard, Keolis, which operates the MBTA Commuter Rail, is responsible for the lights and the warning signs. But clearance signs on streets are maintained by the town.

"That's something we can always review," Howard said.

Howard points out that fewer trucks are crashing under the bridge. On average, he says six trucks were getting stuck each year, but that number is now down to three. But it's the second time it's happened so far in 2017.

"The signs are very prominent and clear. He just made a mistake," Winchester police Sgt. Thomas Groux said.

The department gave Salemi a $100 ticket.

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