More MBTA Concerns After Train Engine Overheats in Boston

Massachusetts lawmakers are scheduled to meet on July 18 for an oversight hearing to discuss safety concerns and failures with the MBTA

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All MBTA trains appeared to be running normally Friday, a day after smoke rose from the Commuter Rail tracks at North Station in Boston from what officials said was an overheated train engine.

The mechanical problem caused a lot of concern, and, of course, delays.

Video showed smoke billowing from a train while on the tracks around 3:05 p.m. Thursday.

According to Keolis, the company that operates the commuter rail, there was a mechanical issue with an engine that supplies electricity to the rest of the train's air conditioning. They say that led to the excessive smoke rising up past Interstate 93 and the Zakim Bridge, and TD Garden.

Smoke poured out from North Station after the MBTA says a train overheated.

Fortunately, no riders were on board at the time, and no one was hurt, Keolis said, but for those who saw it happen, it was a pretty scary sight.

“It was scary. The first thing that comes to your mind is, are we safe?” said April Sheeran. “Oh my god it was billowing. It looked like there was a building on fire it was billowing so much. And my first thought was... I think the train's on fire."

Both Keolis and the MBTA said there was no fire.

There is a push to fix a lot of these ongoing problems, however.

Thursday was just the latest incident on the MBTA, which has had a series of train crashes, derailments and a deadly dragging in recent months. Last month, the agency was ordered by federal regulators to immediately fix several key safety issues.

Massachusetts lawmakers are scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. on July 18 for an initial oversight hearing to "examine issues related to deficiencies in safety management practices at the MBTA."

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