Needed Snow Arrives for Ski Country

It’s been a rough start for ski country in New England, but resorts across the region will get a boost this weekend. A small boost, but a boost nonetheless.

Chilly air blowing over the relatively warm Great Lakes will result in bands of lake effect snow in New York. While the heaviest accumulations, on the order of several feet, will remain confined to areas around the Tug Hill Plateau, New England will receive some “left-overs.”

Snow showers will fly periodically in Western and Northern New England on Saturday, resulting in a dusting-2” for most of the mountains. A few isolated totals closer to 4” are likely in the highest peaks.

In a typical December, that would be nothing to write home about, but this year any snow is worth its weight in gold. On top of the minor accumulations of natural snow, ski resorts will enjoy snow making conditions with highs in the 30s and 40s this weekend. Temperatures will drop into the teens and 20s at night.

Unfortunately for winter-lovers, this normal December weather is short lived. Another warm-up arrives next week with highs once more pushing into the 50s and even close to 60.

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