GOP Candidates Return to New Hampshire

Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush all held events in NH today

Chris Christie hit three campaign stops this morning in Iowa, but by 4:30 PM he was surrounded by a standing room only crowd inside Hopkinton New Hampshire's Town Hall, making what is shaping up to be his final argument. He said, "I'm asking for your vote. It's decision time..."

While the most conservative Republicans in the race, like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, have spent most of their time campaigning in Iowa, known for a more conservative Republican base – Chris Christie is a better fit in New Hampshire where Republican an independent voters are often of the more moderate variety.

Roger Miknaitis of Concord is undecided. He said he wants to listen to as many candidates as possible before making his final decision on primary night. He says he's looking for a moderate, reasonable candidate.

Christie isn't the only early arrival in New Hampshire. Bye evening, Jeb Bush was also well into his own Town Hall in Manchester.

John Kasich never left New Hampshire, banking on granite stators to propel him to the top-tier nationally. He has made it up to number two in the New Hampshire polls with a message of bipartisan leadership and fiscal restraint.

Those three candidates, Christie, Kasich, and Bush, plus Marco Rubio, are considered the top choices of the Republican establishment which hopes moderate voters will eventually coalesce around one of the above.

Christie supporter Cynthia Hill says, "it's really hard for New Hampshire because of Mr. Trump. I'm afraid he's screwed up the hen party. And he's taking a lot of boats from a lot of the really qualified candidates."

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