New Hampshire State Representative Kyle Tasker Resigns Amid Child Enticement, Drug Charges

A New Hampshire state representative charged with trying to lure a 14-year-old girl into a sexual encounter resigned Wednesday.

Thirty-year-old Representative Kyle Tasker was arrested last week on three drug charges and one count of using a computer to lure a minor.

When necn asked whether the allegations against Tasker give the New Hampshire House of Representatives a black eye, lawmakers actually turned the tables a bit, saying it's more a reflection on voters who elected Tasker for three terms.

"We don't elect them, we try to do the best we can when they get here," said House Speaker Shawn Jasper.

According to Jasper, Tasker was infamous for showing up to sessions reeking of alcohol and sometimes marijuana.

"I was not surprised at the drug charges. I certainly was in terms of the solicitation of a minor. That was rather shocking," Jasper said Wednesday.

When Tasker was arrested last week for soliciting a minor for sex, lawmakers hoped it was the last straw and that he'd resign. He did in a letter sent to the clerk Tuesday night.

"I am really disappointed for the citizens of New Hampshire, because it brings discredit to the House," said Democratic Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff.

But state leaders say they can only do so much. It's the Rockingham District 2 voters who elected Tasker into the House for three terms.

"I would put burden somewhat on voters," Shurtleff said.

In 2012, Tasker dropped a loaded gun onto the floor at a committee meeting. In 2014, he sparked controversy by posting a sexually explicit graphic to his Facebook page making a joke about abused women.

"When members make distasteful comments on Facebook, it's not really appropriate for the House to take action," Jasper explained citing First Amendment rights.

Now, Speaker Jasper and Minority Leader Shurtleff are calling on voters to do their due diligence before casting their ballots.

"Know who you are voting for, know their history, what they've been doing and saying," Jasper said.

Tasker was released from Rockingham County jail on bail Monday. He hasn't returned necn's phone calls, and his lawyer didn't respond to requests for comment.

Tasker's seat will remain vacant until the November elections.

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