Politicians Make Final Push for Clinton, Trump in New Hampshire

Surrogates like Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith spoke at rallies on Saturday

Politicians descended on New Hampshire over the weekend as the race for president has tightened.

Surrogates like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have been rallying volunteers in Concord and beyond to get Hillary Clinton supporters to the polls on Tuesday.

“Republicans think they can buy New Hampshire, democrats think it’s going to be up to the voters and the voters are going to vote to build a future, not just for some of us but for all of us,” said Warren at a rally on Saturday.

In Windham, former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith welcomed Trump surrogate Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama to inspire his supporters to vote on Election Day.

“I’ve been told repeatedly that you have probably the best organized state in the nation and you’re working hard, you’re knocking on doors, making phone calls, doing the bread and butter work that takes us from a close election to victory,” Sessions said.

Several politicians from traditionally blue Massachusetts also crossed the border to try to convince their neighbors to the north to follow their lead, knowing the impact New Hampshire can have on the election.

“My daughter doesn’t deserve to have a president like Donald Trump, quite frankly I’d be embarrassed and ashamed if he were our president so I’m up here fighting for her,” Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern said.

“I know the polls were saying it’s close but just from talking to people on the street I feel the difference from this week to last week,” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said.

We won’t know until Tuesday whether all the handshakes and heart-to-hearts made a difference for one candidate over the other.

“I think it’s that tight right now, even inter-personally between families, people at work, there’s enough of that out there that I do think that some of these last minute issues may sway some people,” New Hampshire voter Lisa Potter said.

Both campaigns are making a big final push for votes in New Hampshire.

Clinton will be in Manchester for a rally on Sunday, while both President Barack Obama and Trump will campaigning in the state on Monday.

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