VP Candidate Pence Talks Trump

Mike Pence discusses his relationship with Trump

Indiana Governor Mike Pence may seem like the anti-Trump: low-key, humble, an establishment Republican who rose through the political ranks. 

But if Pence was unsure about Trump in the primary, he is now 100% on board as Trump's Vice Presidential nominee. Pence says, "Trump gets it. He's the genuine article. He doesn't go tiptoeing around political correctness - he tells it like it is loud and clear." 

And as running mates often do, Pence has embraced his role as attacker in chief. Pence even brought his own media clip of a recent TV interview with Democratic New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan who recently avoided answering the question "Do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy?" Pence played a portion of the clip while the audience laughed loudly.Then Pence had a message for Governor Hassan, "Let me help you out. The answer is no." 

Among Trump crowds, the mere mention of Hillary Clinton is all it takes to elicit the response: "Lock her up, lock her up." But perhaps Pence's most important role is helping Trump, if not embrace, at least coexist with the establishment he so vilifies.

I asked Pence if his role is in part to help bridge the gap between Trump and the establishment. And if that link is even possible. Pence would only say he is honored to be a part of the Trump team.

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