Microburst Causes Damage in NH

The National Weather Service confirms a microburst with wind speeds up to 110 MPH hit Hollis, NH

A yard full of fallen trees wasn't what the LeDoux family expected to come home to when they went out Saturday evening.

"About an hour later, we get all these texts and photos from our neighbors, saying, 'Look what's happened to your property, oh my gosh,'" said Julie LeDoux.

An old tree in Hollis, New Hampshire, was split apart by a large and fast-moving storm, which the National Weather Service now says was a microburst with maximum wind speeds of 110 miles per hour - as strong as an EF-1 tornado.

It started in the woods off Eastman Lane and traveled a mile, taking aim at Dow Road.

"It was rough," said Matt Campano, who was cleaning up a downed tree in his front yard. "It blew our air conditioner into our dining room."

A crew from the National Weather Service surveyed the damage Sunday morning. Neighbors are still talking about the damage.

"Suddenly, the skies opened, the wind was just howling, stuff was flying," said Iris McLaughlin. "Lightning, thunder and then just torrential rain."

There were downed trees and power lines. Most fell into yards. One crashed into a house on Jewett Lane, causing significant damage.

It was a wild night. Neighbors say they're grateful it wasn't any worse.

While there are a lot of trees to clean up, the silver lining is that there were no injuries and there wasn't wide spread structural damage in town.

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