Police Warn Parents of Lollipops Laced With THC

Some lollipops are causing legal trouble at Portsmouth High School in New Hampshire.

Police say the candy was laced with marijuana and now parents are on alert.

"It’s just crazy how fast stuff gets around," said Portsmouth junior Casey Penacho.

Inside Portsmouth High School last Wednesday, students say the rumor mill was churning.

"How could you do something like that and expect not to get caught," asked Portsmouth sophomore Ruby Fregeau.

Portsmouth Police say a high school student was selling marijuana-laced lollipops. When the child found out school administrators were looking for him, police say he threw the ones he had left into the woods.

"Oh my God, they look like kid’s suckers, that’s not cool," said Portsmouth parent Rudy Nadilo after seeing the photo of the lollipops. He and others in the city can’t help but to think of the worst.

"I’m liberal and I think pot is not horrible as everyone says it is, but in that context it’s terrible," Nadilo said.

"To have it get into hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s dangerous," said David Allen of Portsmouth.

"I would never want my younger brother to eat a lollipop that has THC in it," Fregeau said.

Police say they’ve never before seen drugs in the high school with this kind of disguise.

"Something as harmless looking as a lollipop, this was the first," said Portsmouth Police Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn.

And they’re doing everything possible to make sure young kids don’t mistake the contraband for candy.

"If you have any concerns about this talk to your kids, any indication at all, call police immediately," Kaltenborn said.

Police say the student was the one making the lollipops and then selling them.

He is facing charges in juvenile court.

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