Preventing Concussions in School Sports

Dr. Robert Cantu joins NECN to share some information about reducing the numbers of head injuries in children

As students go back to school, many go back to sports, and that means the risk of concussions increases.

At Duxbury High School in Massachusetts, officials make sure the football team only tackles once a week in practice and works to prevent injuries during games.

Another major component of preventing and treating concussions involves a brand new standard for helmets in school athletics.

Dr. Robert Cantu, vice president of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, joined NECN with more information about concussion prevention.

"The best way to prevent concussions is to reduce the amount of total head trauma you're taking," said Cantu. "That means less hitting in practice. Do like the pros, who hit only 14 times in 18 weeks of the season. And don't hit in the offseason."

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