Racially Charged Signs Found Near Schools

A community vigil is planned after signs saying "Diversity is a code word for white genocide" was found outside two schools in Manchester, New Hampshire.

School officials say the signs were found last week outside the Middle School at Parkside and Webster Elementary School.

School Superintendent Bolgen Vargas says he believes the signs are part of a larger campaign known as the "White Genocide Project."

The group says on its website it believes diversity is a coordinated campaign of genocide against white people. It's not clear who put up the signs; the website supported the action.

Parkside Principal Forrest Ransdell said he took the sign down before the sun came up on Monday morning.

"While it may be frustrating at some level, we need to dismiss it as what we hope is the opinion of a very slim minority," he said.

Parkside Middle School parent Lisa Feeney said she doesn't understand what would lead someone to do it.

"It is sad, really sad that someone would actually do that," the mother of two students said.

Students admit its threatening their sense of security.

"I feel lthis community should be safe. Signs like that are destroying the way we are," 11th grader Luis Rosado said.

They said they take pride in the diversity of their city, and that there's no place for hate.

"We're at good community, and there are few people who ruin it for everyone," 11th grader Luke Boutin said.

The vigil is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday at Rock Rimmon Park. Organizers want to "bring attention to the position that such fear and racism will not be tolerated."

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