Rain Soaks Phoenix Ahead of Super Bowl

Hoods, umbrellas and puddles in the desert?

It's not going to rain on this parade, even with raindrops and cold, which by Phoenix standards, is inclement weather.

"You know what, they call this the valley of the sun. I think the sun's hiding," said Patriots fan Nino Parco, of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Hoods, umbrellas and puddles in the desert? That qualifies for Seattle weather in Arizona.

"We come here in true Seattle style, no umbrellas for this," one Seahawks fan said.

"Feels like home," said another.

Doesn't feel like home in Phoenix, where they're likely to get 1/8 of their annual rainfall and temperatures are in the 50s.

It's rain coat weather, even for NBC Connecticut Meterologist Ryan Hanrahan.

When asked if anyone has a right to complain, Hanrahan said,"Well I do after covering the blizzard in Connecticut for a couple of days, hoping to wear shorts, but compared to what they're looking at back home with another storm on the way Monday, I don't think there are too many complaining here in Phoenix."

But around the Phoenix area, such weather is viewed as a cold day by the locals.

"This is Arizona. It's strange. Last weekend, sunny and nice. Next weekend, it'll be sunny and nice. This weekend for some reason, the rain arrived," said Eddie Torres, of Chandler, Arizona, wearing a sweater.

Guess who doesn't think this is a big deal. If you guessed Patriots fans, you'd be right.

"Rain in the desert? Maybe it's good luck," said Patriots fan Alyssa Tidwell, of Gloucester.

"I wasn't expecting this. I left Connecticut with all the snow. And came here figuring it was going to be 75 and sunny," said Patriots fan Al De La Vega, of Bristol.

Tourists can't climb the rock wall in the rain. Even the Parking meters are taking cover, not to mention the police officers.

On this day when planes are heard, but rarely seen, even with the Super Bowl two days away, it feels deserted in the downtown desert.

Looking up, Hanrahan says it should dry up and get warmer for Super Bowl Sunday. 

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