NECN INVESTIGATES EXTRA: Recommended School Security Upgrades

Source: Massachusetts School Safety & Security Grant Applications


What: Emergency radios & a satellite receiver
Why: The current radio system does not allow two-way communication between police, fire and the schools.

What: Radio amplifiers
Why: Two district schools current radios were only reliable on the first and second floors in one school in 2013.

What: Mental health evaluation program
Why: In the wake of three recent student suicides, the town said It does not have enough personnel to screen at-risk students.

What: New portable radio system
Why: Current system does not function properly and there are areas where it cannot be heard. Individuals have been left behind during an enhanced lock-down drill due to the fact that they never heard announcements.

What: Expanded security camera system at entrances and key interior locations.
Why: Current exterior cameras outdated with low image resolution and not web access. Currently school has no interior cameras.

What: Two-way school radios
Why: Current communication does not allow for immediate contact.

What: Consultant to analyze security systems
Why: Fewer than half of the 48 security cameras are in working order.

What: An updated and enhanced security video system
Why: The current system has limited memory and poor playback quality.

What: New classroom door locks
Why: Lockdown procedures failed during drills because current classroom doors only lock from the outside with a key.

What: Portable radios and a larger camera monitor
Why: No security coverage in areas in and around school, particularly the elementary and middle schools.

What: Updated security cameras
Why: The current cameras are old and have limited visibility. Depending on where the visitor stands office staff may only see a partial view or a view of the visitor’s backside. Visitors can enter the building and proceed down the hallways instead of going to the office.

What: Portable barricade system called “The Sleeve.”
Why: To aid teachers if their locked classroom door is breached.

What: Emergency supply “Go kits” for classrooms
Why: Classrooms are currently only outfitted with a clipboard and class roster.

What: Updated emergency response plan and new surveillance system
Why: Current plan is over 13 years old and assigns roles to individuals no longer employed by the city and uses out-of-date maps.

What: New camera system
Why: To monitor entrance left unlocked and intermittently manned by senior citizen volunteers who aren’t always available to guard the door. Half of the 64 cameras in the school do not work.

What: Active shooter training & Air Soft (imitation) weapons
Why: To most accurately portray real-world scenarios for police officers training in schools.

What: Outdoor video surveillance
Why: Currently no coverage for outdoor areas, particularly play areas and parking lots. 

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