Several Young Children in Danger During a Shooting in N.H.

Seven children were inside a home during a shooting when they woke up to the sound of gunshots, thinking they were going to die.

Another shooting in Manchester, New Hampshire put several young children in danger over the holiday weekend.

Seven kids live inside the bottom floor apartment in a building at 253 Spruce Street. They say they were startled awake Monday morning and haven't been able to sleep since.

Holding her baby brother, Cesar, 13-year-old Emilee Negron relives the most terrifying morning of her life.

"I literally thought we were going to die," Negron said. "The babies were crying, we were all so scared."

The holes in her apartment are the damage left behind by a barrage of gunfire at about 2 a.m. Memorial Day, according to police.

There are seven kids who sleep in the apartment every night.

"I was really scared, I thought that we were going to die," said nine-year-old Oscar Torres.

Police are investigating another shooting over the weekend.

They're also still looking for the suspects who opened fire last week, leaving bullet holes in an apartment building on Lave Avenue.

"It's getting worse everyday," said another Spruce Street resident Melissa Mejia.

And while her family grateful to be alive, they're afraid it's just a matter of time before one of these shootings turns deadly. Now, Mejia has a message for the people responsible.

"To think about their own families, they don't know the dangerous thing they're doing especially with kids," Mejia said holding her young daughter.

Nobody was hurt in any of the shootings in Manchester over the last week.

If you know anything, you should contact police.

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