Snow Way!

Wha? 7" of snow in Northern Maine??

There was no uprising reported, but I think it stands to reason that there was some outrage. Caribou picked up 4.5" of snow, enough to crush their late season record of 1.8" in the month of May.

Across Southern New England, the debate was more over the cold vs. the wind.

This time of year, the sun can offset both, but only when it dominates the sky. Ironically, the more sun we see, the more the wind will gust. Cold air in the upper atmosphere creates a vertical temperature contrast between the ground and the higher atmosphere, and the more dramatic that contrast, the stronger the winds can be.

Less wind is expected tomorrow as the upper atmosphere warms. Clouds stay in the picture as a storm system glides by to the south. Steadier rain should remain out of reach, but there's a possibility of a few pop up showers in the afternoon or evening as it moves offshore.

Wednesday is another day like tomorrow - minus the shower threat. There will be some clouds around and a steady wind from the northwest. With a bit cooler air in place, we'll again see very few 70 degree readings.

It's not until later this week where we shake the cool air and go for widespread 70s...and there are signs that even warmer air may be in route late next week.

Stay tuned.

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