Soaking Up The Sun

Big doings with the rain yesterday and last night. 2+ inches of water came to Northeast Mass. in the downpours and torrents. As it weakened and shifted to Northern Maine today, the storm left behind tons of clouds.

But it didn't tap any of the (feeble) cold just over the border. For that, we'll have to wait until the latter half of the weekend.

In the meantime, the sun returns for an extended stay. Beautiful days (albeit short) will grace us through Friday. Temperatures respond in kind - mostly away from the coast. We should be eclipsing 60 in some spots in Connecticut, Western/Central Mass as well as Southernmost New Hampshire.

The warmth won't linger very long into the weekend, however. A developing storm will grab some of that marginal cold and hurl it towards New England early next week. Combined with the wind, it will feel every bit of late November...finally. For all that it's doing to alter the jet stream and shift the cold our way, you would think this storm is going to hammer us with rain and/or snow. Instead, we get a burst of showers and some mountaintop snow showers. Wind will do its thing all the way into Tuesday.

Other than a few showers of rain or snow, Thanksgiving is looking like a decent day. We'll keep our eyes peeled though. Can't be caught sleeping on Mother Nature this time of year.

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