Split Decision Across New England

Split Decision Across New England

Chalk up a major victory for the sun today, melting snow and forcing the temperatures to rise near 50 in many spots. Sure, it took all day, but there's no denying its might these days, even when battling a cold, gusty wind. Its no wonder, however, the sun angle is equivalent to what we see in late September.

I know what you're thinking. So where are those September-like 70s and 80s? Well, this time of year, with cold ocean and ground, the setup has to be perfect....and that's not at all in the cards over the next few days.

But I'm sure I could sell you on 60s. Some are possible in Connecticut, Southeast Mass, and Rhode Island tomorrow as a fickle warm front pushes far enough north to get southernmost New England into the mild air.

Just as swiftly as that front establishes a presence in New England, a big high pressure system will move across Maine and New Brunswick and bully it back to New York City late Wednesday. The implications are huge - we'll see our warmth crumble, and it will set the stage for a chilly, raw, damp Thursday. And that's not all. It may even be cold enough for some mix across Southern New England or light snow across Northern New England early on.

In the last chapter on this temperature saga, a big area of rain will push the warmth back in on Friday. That particular day is looking like a washout, but it sets us up for a beautiful, seasonable Easter weekend.


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