Stellar Stretch & Searching for Storms


It's been a summer to remember: stupendous stretch of sunny weather, countless beach days, somewhat subdued humidity, and of course, the epic drought.

With a paltry 2.66" of rain, it's officially the driest June 1 - Aug. 8th on record in Boston. Water restrictions continue. Lawns need to be totally reseeded. Tree mortality continues to mount - primarily in poor soils. For those with artisian wells, the drought means longer recharge times, and in some cases, wells have gone completely dry.

So we turn our weary eyes to the weather pattern...and hope.

There's a new player in town this week. Perhaps you've heard of the inundating rain in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. This is our long lost friend, "Gulf moisture". When it stalls (like it will this week), it's bad news. When it gets infused into cold fronts crossing through the Northern U.S., it's a godsend. This major player in the summer pattern has been missing for the last 2-3 months. At long last, we have a chance at capturing it late this week.

Yes, it's a long way out and yes, it's more of a 'possible outcome' than a reality at this point. But the models are catching the fever, and paint a wet outcome in the 7-10 day period. If it all pans out, there would be a serious chance to put a dent in the drought...and save the foliage season.

We'll keep tracking it for you - and cross our fingers and toes. Stay tuned!

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