Storms Go Quiet As Temps Moderate

After a white-knuckled ride for the unlucky few late last night, our storm pulled away early today. In its wake, something we're all familiar with lately: wind and cold...along with a few flurries.

That's about to change as the upper level weather pattern undergoes a change across the East. Warmer air will move in this weekend with little else than some clouds and a shift in the wind direction.

In the meantime, it's still mighty chilly tomorrow. Wind chills remain in the 20s with a stiff breeze for most of the day. Highs still manage to climb close to 40 in some spots.

We'll do better than that Saturday. Despite a warm front crossing a tad late in the day, the sun will boost us to the mid and upper 40s across the board. Sunday does much better. As the morning starts in the 30s (big boost), a steady southwest wind should have us soaring past 50 in many spots.

If there was a weekend to enjoy winter sports, this is it. Moderating temps, plentiful sun and a long break thanks to Presidents' Weekend are all syncing up for a spectacular day outside.

Have at it and be safe!

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