Summer Dazzler


We're on high alert this weekend...

...for the best beach weather.

Honestly, with so many wonderful beaches in New England, it's a tossup. Never mind that everyone has their favorite (often hidden) spot, or their favorite time. Suffice it to say, that both days are worthy of the title "beach day", but Sunday should be the warmer of the two.

Like we often say in the weather world, it's all about wind direction. Easterly winds tomorrow should cap us in the low/mid 70s tomorrow, but with a slight turn to the southeast on Sunday, we could squeak out mid and upper 70s.

As for the lakes, the wind direction should not matter. Highs both days soar into the mid 80s and the sun blazes overhead. Beware that without a lot of humidity, the nights will cool quickly - perfect setup for a mellow campfire...provided they're allowed in this deepening drought.

Speaking of, while the rain deficits continue to grow, we're on the hunt for rain. Might be a solid chance of downpours and thunder on Tuesday and Wednesday next week as a slow-moving front crosses New England. This won't be the cure-all for the drought, but it beats a sunny day.

Be safe and enjoy the weekend.

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