Top 10 Most-Watched necn Videos in 2017

necn covered thousands of stories this year, but there were some that stood out above the rest. 

The most-watched stories on this year include shocking sexual acts on the beach, shark attacks and a controversy around pro-Trump signs in Maine.

1. Four Teens Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex at Cape Cod Beach

A large crowd gathered around four teeneagers allegedly having sex at Mayflower Beach in Cape Cod. The teens involved in the incident, which was caught on tape, were arrested for disorderly conduct.

2. Beachgoers Witness a Bloodbath When Shark Attacks Seal

Beachgoers witnessed a brutal scene when a shark tore a seal apart near two surfers off the coast of Nauset Beach on Cape Cod. The teens didn’t notice the shark at first, but were able to make it back to shore safely.

3. Babysitters Caught Putting Baby in a Refrigerator

Progress report on policing the opioid problem and resisting a retreat from gun controls under President Donald Trump. Sue’s guest is John Rosenthal of The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative; and founder of Stop Handgun Violence.

A Snapchat showed two babysitters placing a baby into a refrigerator and closing the door while the child screamed. The two girls were charged with child endangerment and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

4. Maine Woman Defies Call to Remove Oversized Pro-Trump Signs

A woman in Rockland, Maine, is refusing to take down her pro-Donald Trump signs and says she would rather go to jail.

A Rockland, Maine woman became the center of controversy after hanging two pro-Trump signs on her front gate. The size of the signs exceeded that allowed in the city ordinance, but she refused to take them down or pay fines for the violation.

5. White Shark Attacks Seal Off Cape Cod

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured a white shark eating a seal off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts.

6. Hundreds in Northeast Marvel at Fireball Shooting Across the Sky

Nearly 200 people across the Northeast reported seeing a bright object streak across the sky in October. The bright meteor was seen in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland and Delaware

7. Beach Closes After Shark Chomps on Paddleboard

Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, was temporarily closed after a great white shark bit a stand-up paddleboard. The 69-year-old man using the paddleboard never saw the shark, but luckily only received indirect injuries from the encounter.

8. Tornado Spotted on Sebago Lake in Maine

A tornado was recorded touching down on Sebago Lake in Maine on July 1, 2017. Such a tornado over water is also called a waterspout. The tornado flipped a pontoon boat, but there were no reported injuries.

A tornado was touched down on Sebago Lake in Maine at the beginning of July and filled a pontoon boat. Luckily, nobody was injured during the waterspout.

9. Mass. School Rejects Dr. Seuss Book Donation From First Lady Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump sent a shipment of books to Cambridgeport Elementary School, but they were rejected by the school librarian. The First Lady responded to the librarian’s decision, who gained both supporters and critics for the rejection.

10. Pregnant Fiance of 19-Year-Old Killed by Police Speaks Out

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed by police in Fall River, Massachusetts in November. He was supposed to be married to his pregnant fiance in December.

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