Historic Vermont House on the Move

Two-story home making its way to neighboring community

Vermont House on Move

An 1840s home is on its way from Winooski, Vermont, to neighboring Burlington.

The two-story property on East Allen Street had to be removed, because developer Nate Dagesse of EIV Technical Services in Williston plans to put a large apartment and office building on the lot where the house has long sat.

This spring, Dagesse announced that rather than demolishing the historic home, he would give it away free. The catch was that whoever took it, would have to pay the bulk of the cost of moving it from East Allen Street.

Crews lifted the recently-renovated house last week, and Sunday, moved it down the hill to a parking lot. It will sit in the lot until its final journey across the Winooski River to Burlington.

The next step of that move is tentatively set for this Saturday, or soon after, depending on variables such as the weather.

Dagesse told necn that workers breathed a big sigh of relief after the house safely made it into the parking lot.

"It was really exciting to see that happen," Dagesse said. "I think everyone involved kind of gave each other high-fives and everyone's had a pretty big smile on their face ever since [the truck driver] turned that corner!"

The house may have been free, but the cost of the move is estimated around $100,000.

Ultimately, the home will end up on Manhattan Drive in Burlington.

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