PD: Knife-Wielding Elderly Man Shot, Killed by Police in Burlington, Vermont

The shooting happened at 101 College St. after a five-hour-long stand-off

Burlington Senior Complex Shooting

Vermont State Police say an elderly man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Burlington at a senior housing complex.

The shooting happened at 101 College St. after a five-hour-long stand-off. Police received reports that Ralph Grenon, 76, was displaying threatening behavior.

When police arrived, Grenon refused to open the door to his apartment. When the door was opened, Grenon was holding two large knives, according to police.

Grenon was ordered to drop the knives and refused. A Taser was used on Grenon, which had no effect. He then closed the apartment door.

Officers ultimately entered the home after several hours and found Grenon in the shower with the curtain drawn. When officers opened the curtain, Grenon was still holding a knife.

After multiple attempts to get him to come out, police used pepper balls and used a Taser on Grenon, who was found to still be holding two knives.

Grenon then stepped out of the shower while still holding the knives. Backing away, officers fired shots at Grenon.

He was immediately brought to the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

The incident remains under investigation.

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