Snowfall Boosts Outdoor Fun in Vermont

The more than 10 inches of snow that fell Sunday night into Monday morning in the area of Burlington, Vermont, certainly made a lot of work for a lot of people -- namely plow operators and homeowners who had to clear driveways and vehicles.

But for the Hoffmanns from Brazil, visiting Vermont as a family for the first time, it was all play.

"It's fun," beamed 8-year-old Hugo Hoffman as he prepared to try sledding.

The accumulations of powder were so deep at their friends' house that the family's first sledding runs were pretty tough, until some of the snow became packed down.

"It's the first time we're seeing snow," laughed mom Marta Hoffman. "And we love it because in Brazil, it's so different. There, it is too hot, and we are freezing here!"

Of course, Vermont's ski areas were thrilled with this snowfall, especially because it came so close to school vacations and the key Presidents' Day weekend.

However, it wasn't smooth sailing for all resorts. Several announced on social media accounts that they had to temporarily close lifts because of high winds.

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