Tropical Snake Missing From Vermont College

Getty Images

A strange mystery has puzzled Vermont's Castleton State College. A Brazilian rainbow boa constrictor is missing from campus.

The school sent a campus alert this week asking students and staff to keep their eyes out for the 4-foot-long snake. The school said the boa is not dangerous because it was trained to eat only frozen, dead mice, the Rutland Herald reported.

The newspaper reported the school believes the snake must have been stolen from the zoology lab, because it had a secure lid and the room it was in was locked over the weekend and Monday, for a snow day. The snake was last seen Friday.

"It’s kind of scary," sophomore Justin Goulet told WPTZ-TV. "I don’t know if it’s in a classroom or in the bathroom. People say they’ve seen it in the hallway, but I feel like they’re just lying."

Of course, Vermont's cold air and snow is not what tropical snakes are used to, so people on campus told WPTZ they hope to get the animal back in good shape.

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