Vermont Fire Trucks Get Stuck on Icy Hill

Public safety officials across Vermont encouraged people to avoid unnecessary travel Saturday night because of icy conditions.

One example of how bad the roads were could be found in the city of Winooski.

A pair of fire trucks got stuck heading up a hill when returning from a call.

Ice had formed on Union Street, then, snow fell on top of it, making it just too hard for one fire truck from St. Michael’s Fire & Rescue and another from the Winooski Fire Department to get up the hill.

St. Mike’s had chains on their tires and eventually made it, after considerable struggles in the tricky weather conditions.

The Winooski Fire Department temporarily shut down Union Street. The public works department plowed and salted the street so the second truck could get moving.

“In my personal experience, this is the first time I’ve been stuck while responding to a call,” said Winooski Fire Department Captain Michael Antoniak. “We’ve had multiple calls—going from one to another.”

Neighboring communities helped out with calls while those trucks were stuck, Antoniak said.

In nearby South Burlington, the police department warned people to use extreme caution while driving, and only leave home if absolutely necessary.

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