Vermont Investigation Into Phony Doctor Expands

A bogus physician is accused of sexual assault, and there may be more victims out there

Nam Vu Bui

The investigation is expanding into a Texas man accused of tricking a Vermont college student into a bogus pelvic exam.

Prosecutors in Addison County said last fall that 32-year-old Nam Vu Bui of Houston pretended to be a cervical cancer researcher so he could trick a Middlebury College student into a nude exam which he recorded on his cell phone.

According to detectives, Bui was very convincing. He had a friend on campus who trusted him and believed his ruse, which enabled him to meet other students, prosecutors said.

The suspect is not really a doctor, a prosecutor said at a court appearance in October, and the so-called medical exams had no real basis in legitimate medicine.

Now, the investigation is expanding into the Burlington area, where authorities said there may be more potential victims.

Police at the University of Vermont notified the campus this week about the case in Middlebury, and urged anyone at UVM who may also have been targeted by the phony physician to come forward.

UVM police said in the alert there are significant support services available to people reporting unwanted sexual contact or other concerns.

Nam Vu Bui pled not guilty to a host of charges in October 2016, including an allegation of sexual assault, and another of voyeurism.

The suspect remains jailed while the investigation and court case proceed.

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