Watch for Moose: Vt. Warns Motorists to Stay Alert on Highways

web weather tania 2-23-17

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is reminding motorists to watch out for moose on the state's roadways this time of year.

Biologists say this is moose breeding season and the animals are more likely to be crossing roadways, especially after dark or early in the morning.

Last year motorists hit 67 moose and so far this year 51 moose have been hit. Since 1985, 19 people have died in collisions with moose in Vermont.

State Game Warden Chief Col. Jason Batchelder says moose can be unpredictable and dangerous if people get too close and they feel cornered or get irritated. He says people should enjoy moose from a distance.

Motorists who see a moose ahead are urged to slow down or stop.

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