‘Waitress' Makes World Premiere

"Waitress" just debuted at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but it's already celebrating its promotion to Broadway- scheduled for April 2016.

"You hope that's what's going to come to fruition but you never know."

Sara Bareilles is best known for her pop hits "Love Song" and "Brave," but now this singer and songwriter can add Broadway composer to her resume. She wrote the score for Waitress- an idea proposed to her by the show's director Diane Paulus.

"The biggest challenge was who could capture that tone, what composer out there in the world could be sassy and funny and yet sock that emotional punch? And of course, that was Sara Bareilles," Paulus said.

But it was no small order. Bareilles had to delve deep into the story- based off of the 2007 cult classic movie- where a small town waitress who has a natural talent for baking pies tries to find herself- all while pregnant with her abusive husband's child.

"I just saw so much of myself in this character. My circumstances are very different, but I think a lot of people can relate to ending up in a life you don't feel like you necessarily chose," Bareilles explained.

And with that inspiration, she wrote "She Used to Be Mine," a song perfectly executed by the show's star Jessie Mueller. The 2014 Tony Award winner for best actress transforms into Jenna- a role she immediately signed on to play.

"I just knew from the get go. I had a strong reaction to the music. And it really stuck with me," Mueller explained.

And she believes it will stick with the audience, too.

To me it's a story about people really struggling with the very human fact of 'am I enough, am I lovable, am I deserving of love?'" Mueller explained. "There's no one on earth who can't relate to that, you know what I mean? And there's pie! So come on down, get your tickets now."

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