Warm Up…With a Side of Heavy Rain

Warm Up...With a Side of Heavy Rain

Lots of heavy rain lined up across the Ohio Valley tonight. Buried deep inside those downpours are the seeds of thunderstorms tomorrow for us in New England.

Strong jet stream winds in the middle atmosphere are projected to hit tomorrow in the afternoon and evening. Those winds should help lift the air rapidly, a key component to producing storms. With those storms in turn tapping into that wind, some gusts could surge over 40mph at times late tomorrow. What's worse is the storm is deepening, so as that wind shifts to Maine tomorrow night, the winds could increase to 60mph from Portland to Eastport.

It's a whole lot of ugly in terms of wind and rain, but it shuts off rather abruptly tomorrow evening between 8 and 10 p.m. in Southern New England. We're left with temperatures that slowly sink back to the 40s by Friday morning.

Busy pattern rolls into the weekend. As the temperatures continue to cool, we have our eyes on a fast-moving, rapidly developing storm Saturday night. Should just glance us with wet snowshowers across the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts, but we're wary of them reaching up into Greater Boston. Either way, the cold is marginal, and the storm really doesn't have time to get established to threaten us with a plowable/shovelable snow.

Weather for the Sox home opener is looking a bit better. We're back into the low/mid 50s with increasing clouds. Not only is it near normal, but it's better than the 40s I was forecasting yesterday.


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