Warmth Fades Into The Weekend

Amazing day! The sun worked its magic and brought us well into the 70s across New England (normal high being 58). The beauty of the day was overshadowed only by the passing of the rock icon Prince. Sad to know one of the biggest names in music is gone.


Warm weather is holding on for another day. While today saw a 40-45 degree turnaround (morning temps in the 30s to highs in the upper 70s) in some spots, tomorrow won't be as dramatic. But thanks to the fact that we don't drop so far overnight, we'll easily soar into the upper 70s by afternoon, even with limited sun.

A cool front will slice through by tomorrow night. As it plows warm, moist air ahead of it, there may be a few downpours or a rumble of thunder in the afternoon/evening tomorrow. Not seeing this as a significant rain event, however, so there will still be somewhat high fire danger and pollen throughout the weekend.

Speaking of, expect sliding temperatures on both days with a good supply of sun. Next week is a lot wetter than this week, with two storms affecting New England. While it appears like a great opportunity to grab some water, the temperatures will stumble back to the 50s - or even 40s on Tuesday - as we sit on the cool side of the front.

Warm weather is here! Please watch for motorcycles, pedestrians and bicycles!

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