Wet Start to Memorial Day

Occasional rain is likely throughout southern and central New England to start off our Memorial Day.

Though Tropical Depression Bonnie has stalled over South Carolina, it is acting as a pump, pushing tropical moisture toward New England, which is combining with a stalled front to produce locally heavy rainfall. We call it 'ZIP code rain, because one ZIP code can get torrential downpour while, just a few miles away in another ZIP code, it might be only light rain, or perhaps even dry.

There may be a few locals that receive two to three inches of rain, but for most of us, it is only a quarter to third of an inch or less.

The northernmost parts of New England will have a mostly dry day.

Here is the best attempt to try and time the rainfall, and possible embedded thunder.


8 a.m.: Rain is heaviest from northwestern Connecticut, through central Massachusetts, into Rhode Island and the Boston metro area.


11 a.m.: The sun is coming out in western Massachusetts, northwestern Connecticut and most of Vermont. Occasional rain continues in eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, eastern Massachusetts, southeastern New Hampshire and the Maine seacoast.


1 p.m.: Most of New England is dry - the exceptions are eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and Downeast Maine.


3 to 4 p.m.: Most of New England is dry. We have sunny breaks in northern New England with a pop-up thunderstorm, and still some showers fog and drizzle lingering along the south coast.

Though the day is not hot, it is humid, so the feel of summertime continues.

Much more comfortable air comes in from Canada during Tuesday and should continue Wednesday and Thursday.

That means sunshine, highs in the 80s on Tuesday, then the 70s Wednesday and Thursday, cooler at the coast.

We may not have heard the end of Tropical Depression Bonnie, as the remnant circulation could be off the south coast of New England late in the week, that combined with another front from Canada could bring showers back to New England for Friday and Saturday.

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