Winter Storm Watch: New Cold to Arrive After This Warm Storm

Winter Storm Watch 020314

The weather pendulum, which has swung warm recently, will soon swing cold.

Following the warm, windy, and wet Wednesday night, Thursday should be dry and bright in Western New England. But eastern New England will stay cloudy with a few showers possible. We are still relatively mild, high temperatures in the 40s to lower 50s.

The boundary between new cold arriving this weekend, and the old warmth, is a front stalled southeast of Nantucket during Friday. A new low-pressure system will form off the coast of Florida Thursday night and race to a position east of Nantucket Friday afternoon.

That means a shield of precipitation, both rain and snow, is likely to return to southeastern the New England Friday.

Initially with temperatures near 40 degrees, any snow that is mixed with the rain will not accumulate. But colder air will be moving into the system as it moves away later Friday and Friday evening.

Is still a tricky forecast, but at this time it appears some accumulation of snowfall is possible from Boston south to Cape Cod in the islands.

Depending on how long it lasts and how fast we get to freezing, will make all the difference whether we have to treat and/or plow the roads.

The early estimate is for a thin coating to perhaps a few inches, especially in the area near the Cape Cod Canal. It may be just warm enough on the outer Cape and Islands for the snow to fall but not accumulate very rapidly.

As always, stay tuned the forecast, as the track of the storm is likely to vary a bit as we get closer.

The Friday event marks the transition back into a much more seasonable pattern for New England.

Later this weekend we will be monitoring and arctic front arriving in Vermont, at the same time a series of new ocean storms will be intensifying off the southeastern United States.

The stakes are fairly high for wintry weather next week, including coastal storms, and very cold air next week. It is way too early for details, but we may have one, two, or even three shots at snow, and/or ice and rain, before Valentine's Day 

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