With Most Snow Melted, Could More Be on the Way?

As the warmest stretch of weather since October wraps up, parts of New England will see snow over the weekend, with more possible the next weekend.

We enter the third week of April 2015 with the culmination of the warmest stretch of weather since October 2014.

Most locations in New England experienced the first 70 degree weather this week, and it has not snowed anywhere in New England since April 8.

The pattern is about to reverse. We have a new batch of cold that's going to come in for most of the rest of April.

The first shot over the bow is a cold front producing thunder hail and snow in Maine for our Saturday afternoon. Mt. Katahdin in Maine may pick up five to 10 inches of snow late Saturday into Saturday night.

At the same time, it should be 70 degrees near Fenway Park, although a brief shower is possible during the Red Sox game. Rainbows are likely, too. Wind behind the showers and squalls may gust to 50 mph. Colder, dry air will come in from Canada.

Cold high pressure in southeastern Canada will bring sunshine and seasonable weather for our Sunday. Then the storm that brought 45 inches of snow to Snowbird, Utah, gets close to New England on Monday.

Wind will come in off the ocean, where the water temperature has warmed to the low 40s, but that is still pretty cold. So temperatures on Monday will likely only be in the 40s.

Robert Trachtenberg - RollingStone.com

The Boston Marathon should start off dry, but any runners as slow as me may be getting to the finish line as rain arrives in Boston later in the afternoon. Monday night is very wet and windy in New England an inch of rain is possible, making this the most significant precipitation in weeks.


Yes, we do need the rain. We are running a rainfall deficit of close to 20 percent so far this year. The new weather pattern setting up looks quite wet and cold for the next two weeks. The mountains of New England are likely going to start to see snow accumulating once again later Tuesday, then off and on through the beginning of May.

Even in southern New England, it will be cold enough that we have to keep our eyes open for a chance of one or two more snowfalls, especially in the high country of Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as southern New Hampshire.

At this time, the most likely opportunity for a snowstorm is approximately Sunday, April 26.

Just remember what they say about spring snow - it's poor man's fertilizer.

Our lawns are getting green fast and the flowers are up are hearty. They will withstand the snow and cold. The only question is whether we can.

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