106-Year-Old Attributes Her Longevity Partly to Beer

It was a grand birthday entrance at Boylston Place assisted living facility in Brookline, Massachusetts, for Sadie Snyder, who turned 106 on Thursday.

There were tender moments, smiles and kisses at the home in the Chestnut Hill area.

Snyder received a bouquet of flowers from her 105-year-old childhood friend and a card from President Barack Obama.

"To see a person as intelligent as she is, and as feisty as she is, and 100 percent in control of everything, including today, it's a marvel," said Arnold Leibovitz, who calls himself her "favorite nephew."

Joanna Lackey, Snyder's physical therapist, says she "looks better than ever."

Necn asked Sadie how she felt to be 106.

"I feel great," she said.

In more than a century, Snyder has lived a lot. She was born back in 1909, growing up in her family's East Boston apartment.

She was a twin and one of many siblings. She loved to sew in her earlier years, and was married for 32 years.

Snyder also lived in Brookline, where she was a bookkeeper.

She attributes her longevity partly to "beer."

The centenarian tells necn she was 6 when she started to drink beer, because her dad was in the beer industry.

"Every week, he'd bring home a case of beer, and I'd wait up for him to come so I could have it," said a smiling Snyder. "By the end of the week, they were all gone."

We also asked her if she had one lesson she'd like to share with others.

"I think it's just wonderful to have family and friends," she said.

Now, Snyder is just looking forward to what the future holds.

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