12-Year-Old Boy Finds Grenade-Like Device in West Hartford

NBC Connecticut

A 12-year-old boy found a grenade near his front lawn in West Hartford, according to his family. 

When Colin MacPherson found what appeared to be a grenade in the mulch next to the driveway of his Warrenton Avenue home, he went inside to tell his mother. 

"I was really, really scared," Colin said. 

His mother, Jeanne MacPherson, immediately called police and said two officers in special vests came to retrieve the device.

Investigators told the family that while the device seems to be a real grenade, it was no longer considered live.

A news release from police says the bomb squad responded and decided to destroy the grenade as a precaution.

The MacPhersons said they don't know where the grenade came from or how long it has been near their home.

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