16 Hartford Gang Members Indicted for Multiple Offenses

NBC Bay Area, File

Federal, state and local officials announced a 31 count indictment against 16 defendants, including 8 members of the so-called Orange Street Killers, in Hartford on Wednesday. 

The gang was named because most of its activity was concentrated around Orange, Arbor and Cherry Streets in Hartford's Parkville neighborhood.

"These are neighborhoods. We are standing right in front of a playground where children are playing. Violence cannot and will not be tolerated in these neighborhoods," Deirdre Daly, U.S. attorney for Connecticut, said. 

The charges in the indictment include firearms, robbery and drug offenses, including the seizure of 1,200 bags of heroin.

"I want you to look at who got arrested," Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley said. "This is not just the neighborhood people getting arrested. This is not just Hartford people getting arrested. This is people from around the entire region that are getting arrested. And the heroin problem is not just a Hartford problem, but a regional problem if not a national problem." 

The FBI and Hartford Police Department teamed up in the investigation, which also nabbed 3 members of other local gangs.

Names of 16 arrestees: 

RUBEN TORRES, a.k.a. “Rube,” “Ru,” and “T,” 25, of Hartford

ANTWANE WILLIAMS-BEY, a.k.a. “Buck,” 26, of East Windsor

MICHAEL CHAPMAN, a.k.a. “Nice” and “Mizzo,” 25, of New Britain

CHARLES TURNER, a.k.a. “Rell” and “CJ,” 26, of Hartford

TAYRENCE WILLIS, a.k.a. “T” and “T-Franklin,” 24, of Hartford

TYRRYQ RODRIGUEZ, a.k.a. “Ty,” “Little Ty” and “Tye Bangs,” 19, of Hartford

ERIC SMITH, a.k.a. “Hood,” 29, of Hartford

ADRIAN CRUZ, a.k.a. “Ray,” 28, of Hartford

BRENDAN SALMON, a.k.a. “One Eye,” 23, of Hartford

NOEL MONTANEZ, 18, of Hartford

JHOVANY VALDES, 40, of East Windsor

WILLIE DEAS, a.k.a. “Debo” and “Flee,” 21, of Hartford

MARCUS GARY, 33, of South Windsor

YOLANDA LOZADA, a.k.a. “Sexy,” 38, of East Hartford

JAMAL JOHNSON, 29, of Hartford

BUELL FRENCH, 36, of Hartford

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