5 Videos That You Need to See: November 10, 2015


So, what's everyone talking about today? Check out these 5 viral videos of the day for November 10, 2015.

#1: Oh, deer! (WATCH)

An Indiana family has a new, and unexpected, house guest.

#2: Officials say it's time for a cleanup. (WATCH)

#3: They're taking the fight for a $15 minimum wage to the streets. (WATCH)

Supporters of a $15 minimum wage protested outside a McDonald’s in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood Tuesday morning. They’ll also rally at Fanueil Hall and march to the State House.

#4: A sad update to a story that made headlines nationwide. Daniel Fleetwood has died at age 32. (WATCH)

#5: Officials think more people should be able to experience it. (WATCH)

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon. We'll be back tomorrow. 

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