5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: October 5, 2015

From a brave little dog chasing off bears to a man surfing down the street in floodwaters, you won't want to miss these top 5 viral videos of the day for October 5, 2015.

#1: He may be small, but this little guy is very brave. 

This little guy might be small, but he sure is brave.

#2: Meteorologists are constantly reminding people to stay indoors, whenever possible, during flooding. This video proves why. 

This was the result of one driver in Columbia, South Carolina, who decided to ignore the saying “turn around, don’t drown.” The driver of the truck and a Good Samaritan, who tried to help, both had to be rescued by a swift water rescue team.

#3: You're not advised to try this at home, but the footage is pretty neat. 

#4: Find out why people are flocking to China. 

Giant pandas and their cubs attracted tens of thousands of tourists to southwest China over the weekend as part of the ongoing National Day holiday.

#5: There was a very happy ending after a two-year-old was reported missing. 

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