5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: September 9, 2015


From a plane on fire to crosses burned in the grass, check out these 5 must-see viral videos that everyone is talking about on September 9, 2015.

#1: A fire broke out as some British Airways passengers were leaving Sin City. 

Fourteen people are being treated for minor injuries after an engine of a British Airways jet caught fire Tuesday while getting ready to take off from a Las Vegas airport.

#2: Three people under the age of 21 face hate crime charges after burning these images into a lawn at a mosque.

U.S. health officials are making a new attempt at adding graphic images to cigarette packets to discourage Americans from lighting up. If successful, it would be the first change to U.S. cigarette warnings in 35 years.

#3: A TV camerawoman has been fired after video of her doing the unthinkable shows up on social media.

A camerawoman for a private TV station in Hungary has been fired after videos of her kicking and tripping migrants from the Middle East appeared on social media.

#4: A new kind of dance class is putting a spin on traditional moves, and smiles on young girls' faces.

A new kind of dance class is putting a spin on the traditional moves, and some smiles on young girls’ faces.

#5: Her name made headlines across the nation, and now she's out from behind bars. 

After a five-day stint in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis will return to work as soon as Friday to face another day of reckoning.

We'll be back tomorrow with another batch. Stay tuned. 

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